Political Games

September 12, 2006

Activists, political parties and special interest groups have used games to spread their messages for a while now. While artists such as Italian collective molleindustria use Flash-based web games to interrogate economic and sexual politics, and satirists such as those behind the Bush Backrub game use interactive web toys to poke fun at public figures, more mainstream groups like the California Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights are getting into the, er, game with diversions aimed at specific issues of public policy.

Other games use less direct but equally powerful methods to push for political change. The forthcoming Left Behind: Eternal Forces presents the dystopian world-view of fundamentalist Christianity in game form, insidiously targeting children with a staunchly anti-United Nations, pro-apocalypse point of view.

Great coverage of everything related to politics in gaming can be found at the regularly-updated blog, Game Politics.


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