No More SMS From Jesus

September 27, 2006

Gumption presents a nice digest of Genevieve Bell‘s (cancelled) Ubicomp presentation, “No More SMS from Jesus: Ubicomp, Religion and Techno-spiritual Practices:”

The title derives from a Reuters headline announcing the demise of a Finnish mobile service that offered text messages from Jesus, in response to prayers received from subscribers. Genevieve goes on to highlight a range of other techno-spiritual practices, including

Genevieve notes that “religion shapes ideas about time, space and social relationships” (very much in line with obserations Brenda Laurel made in her closing keynote on day 3 of UbiComp regarding the influence of art and music on our understanding and representation of time and space in nature), and the importance of ritual and magic in many primitive religions (calling to mind some of Bruce Sterling‘s condemnations of magic on day 1 of the conference). (Gumption)


4 Responses to “No More SMS From Jesus”

  1. Shaastra Says:

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  2. didactique Says:

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  3. didactique Says:

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