links for 2006-10-04

October 4, 2006
  • Prompted in part by Adam Cadre’s second article on Tron, and in part because I wanted to illutrate where Rez comes from, I recently saw Tron again.
    (tags: movies)
  • Common sense tells us that influencing the past is impossible – what’s done is done, right?
    (tags: time science)
  • I would like then to start by stating the obvious. There is currently a tremendous hype about serious games. There has been a lot of media interest on the subject, fueled by the interest that it has gathered among the industry, the government and scholars
    (tags: games)
  • Twenty of the most respected leaders in cyber security developed this list. First each proposed the three developments that they each felt were most important. Then they compiled the list of more than 40 trends and voted on which were most likely to happe
    (tags: futurism)
  • boyd, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of California, Berkeley’s School of Information, explores how young people negotiate the presentation of self in online mediated contexts [in a self-admittedly ‘spazzy’ talk]….

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