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Realtime performance in Second Life

September 19, 2006

Adam Nash presents some interesting insights into the notion of live performance in MMOs on his blog, Adam Nash – Realtime Art Engines – Research Blog:

This overview/review of live performance in Second Life is worth a read. I have very mixed emotions about this whole thing. On one hand, I’m very glad that the MMO space is being seen as a legitimate space for performance. On the other hand, I’m extremely frustrated that people only seem, so far, interested in recreating a real-life live music situation. They model an acoustic guitar, a grand piano, etc. That’s fine, but as somebody who’s been trying to use the native performative qualities of virtual 3d space for a long time now, it drives me nuts that performers are not doing that. Really, what is the point of modeling up a real-life-style singer/songwriter club gig when the performer’s fingers are not actually strumming the strings (if the strings are even there), and their face is not moving in any way related to the performance itself? (Adam Nash)

UPDATE: More on this here.